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Chinese Culture Center


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Lin's Martial Arts Academy

Chinese culture center

427 Adams Street, SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 268-7023

"Honoring the traditions of our ancient heritage and capturing the essence of today's competition forms".

         The Chinese Culture Center, New Mexico's home of traditional Chinese Martial Arts... CHI KUNG, TAI CHI CHUAN, SHAOLIN KUNG FU, CHILDREN'S KUNG FU, as well as traditional LION DANCING, DRAGON TEAM DANCING and DRUM TEAM. The school's Demonstration Team is called upon several times per year to perform at local functions; from the City's Summer Festival to the opening of the new Atomic Museum.

         Established in 1974, Lin's Martial Arts Academy is one of the oldest martial arts schools in the southwestern United States. Master Lin, originally from Taiwan, taught in a storefront location on Central Avenue for many years before building the school at its current location on Adams Street, southeast, here in Albuquerque.

         There are two classifications of Martial Arts, Internal and External.

         Internal or "soft" styles such as Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan focus on the development of "CHI" or "internal power" through the use of trained breathing and slow moving exercises. Chi Kung, one of today's fastest growing exercise programs for the elderly, is being introduced into more and more retirement communities every day!

         Tai Chi Chuan is practiced for many reasons, from meditation to self defense, and is known as "the exercise of immortality". It has become very popular with older Americans.

         External or "hard" styles like Kung Fu focus on building muscle, strength and developing endurance through the use of forms (routines passed down from teacher to teacher over the course of centuries). Sifu says, "if Martial Arts were a tree, Chi Kung would be the roots, Tai Chi the trunk and Kung Fu the leaves and branches".

         Please explore our web site and the benefits of having Martial Arts in your life. Our school has a real family atmosphere; we have many married couples taking classes together, while their children are in the Kids Kung Fu Class. Many of Master Lin's students have been attending his classes for more than twenty years.


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