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China Tour 2012

In June of 2012, Sifu Lin and his family traveled to China with more than 40 students and friends. In this journey of a lifetime, we visited 8 cities and many places over 14 days.

China Tour 2012

First we visited Beijing and the Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall as well as the Sacred Way of the emperors leading to the Ming Tombs. We were also very fortunate to see the site of the 2008 Olympic village and China's national statdium, called the "Bird's Nest, as well as the Olympic swimming stadium, called the "Ice Cube".

Tai Chi Ch'i Kung at The Great Wall On the Sacred Way Ming Tombs
Olympic Stadiums

(Click here for more pictures.)

From Beijing, we flew southwest to the city of Xian, the ancient western captial of China. In Xian, we visited the newly discovered Naked Warriors at the Han Dynasty Yangling Museum. We rode bicycles around the entire circumference on top of the Xian City Wall, the largest, most complete surviving city wall in China. This city wall is 40 feet tall and nearly 9 miles long (around the entire circumference). We also visited the Shanxi History Museum, home of the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors.

Naked Warriors Bike Ride onto the Xian City Wall Terra Cotta Warriors

(Click here for more pictures.)

From Xian, we took part in the unique experience of taking an overnight train to the ancient city of Pingyao. Pingyao also has an intact city wall as high as the Xian City Wall, but only 4 miles in circumference. We walked around Pingyao on top of the city wall, and then we visited an ancient bank as well as an escort service used by many ancient bankers and merchants. In Pingyao we also visited the seat of ancient government offices and saw a mock trial recreation. We then visited the famous Qingxu Temple.

Pingyao City Wall Pingyao Ancient Captial 24 Moves Tai Chi at Qingxu Temple

(Click here for more pictures.)

From Pingyao, we drove to Taiyuan to vist the very famous Xing Yi boxing martial arts school, Xin Yi Dao. At the Xing Yi school, we participated in a cultural exchange and were very impressed to see style of martial arts taught at this school. After visiting the martial arts school, we then visited the Chang Family Garden Estate and Jinci Temple.

At Xin Yi Dao Xing Yi School Chang Family Garden Jinci Temple

(Click here for more pictures.)

On the drive from Taiyuan to the city of Datong, we visited the very spiritual Wooden Pagoda and the amazing Hanging Temple. In Datong, we visited the very famous Buddhist sculpture site of Yungang Grottoes with collosal statues and the Huayan Monastery.

Wooden Pagoda Hanging Temple Colorful Buddhas at Yungang Grottoes
13 Postures at Huayan Monastery

(Click here for more pictures.)

Our next stop was at Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. In the grasslands outside of Hohhot we went horseback riding spent the night in a traditional Mongolian yurt after participating in a traditional dinner, music and dancing performance. The next morning we watched the sunrise on the grasslands, and then we visited Dazhao Temple and then the Five Pagoda Temple.

Horseback Riding on the Mongolian Grasslands Mongolian Yurt Five Pagoda Temple

(Click here for more pictures.)

On the way to our next stop of Baotou, we visted the Meidaizhao Monastery. In Baotou, we visited Wudangzhao Monastery, the largest Lamasery in Inner Mongolia.

Meidaizhao Monastery Wudangzhao Lamasery

(Click here for more pictures.)

From Baotou, we drove to Ordos, and on the way, we visited the Kubuqi Gobi desert amusement park. In Ordos we visited Genghis Khan's Mausoleum. Then we flew back to Beijing.

Kubuqi Gobi The 13 Sacred Yurts at Genghis Khan's Mausoleum

(Click here for more pictures.)

Back in Beijing we visited the Temple of Heaven, Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City. Beijing is very beautiful after a rain.

Temple of Heaven Beijing After the Rain

(Click here for more pictures.)

Thus ended an incredible trip of a lifetime for everyone involved!

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