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Our School in 2003

Our School in 2003 (north) Our School in 2003 (south)
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The Old School

The First Exercise Room Floor Exercise 1 Floor Exercise 2 Ray Tokuda and Friends Tiffany-Synthia Doing Homework
(click for larger image)

Getting Started on the New School

The Ground Breaking Ceremony Attendees The Building Begins Putting the First Forms Together Worker 1 Worker 2
A Tough Way to Plow
(click for larger image)

A Building Rises

The First Wall is Formed Workers Came in All Sizes The First Practice in the New Building Setting the First Walls The Gigantic Key for the Gigantic Keyhole Had Not Yet Arrived
The Maze 1 The Maze 2 Ok Guys, Where Do We Go from Here? Like a Scene at an Egyptian Archeological Site Original Plans for the Exercise Area Had this Big Skylight
Rock Climbing Practice A New Kind of Advertising Space The Great Wall Arises Scaffolding to the Sky Forms, Forms Everywhere
(click for larger image)

Building the Roof

Roof Worker Front Scaffolding... Taking a Break Pouring Concrete Roof Rebar Forms
Putting Concrete in with Rebar
(click for larger image)

Complete at Last

Completed Building - Daytime Opening Ceremony Fireworks 1 Opening Ceremony Fireworks 2 The Finishing Touches The New Exercise Area
The Opening Ceremony Signature Plaque The Wu Girls Workers Group 1 Workers Group 2
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