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  Mon-Thu 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  Fri 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  Sat 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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Our Store

We now have "Dragon Pearl" Green Tea available in our store. This delicious tea has a unique flavor which is second to none!

Pictures From Inside Our Store (click for more).

$5 Store Coupon

         Just inside the doors of the Chinese Culture Center is one of Albuquerque's finest Oriental Import Shops. Small, but impressive, "The Import Shop", has an excellent collection of items that have been hand-selected for display by Mrs. Lin. High quality Chinese arts and antiques, jewelry, carvings, figures, vases, scrolls and books. We have some truly unique gift items.

Our Store - Import Gifts
Import Gifts (click for more).
$5 Store Coupon


         The Chinese Culture Center carries a large supply of jewelry including jade.

Jewelry Items (click for more).

$5 Store Coupon

Tibetan Buddahs

         The Chinese Culture Center carries a large supply of Tibetan Buddahs, figures and supplies.

Tibetan Buddhas Items (click for more).

$5 Store Coupon

Feng Shui Supplies

         The Chinese Culture Center carries one of New Mexico's largest selections of Feng Shui supplies; including books, charts, and charms of all types. Mrs. Lin is always available to assist you with your needs and will be happy to offer a little free advice. Stop by our store to see our large variety of items.

Feng Shui Items (click for more).

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         The Chinese Culture Center has many exquisite clothing items including silk jackets.

Clothes (click for more).

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Martial Arts Supplies

         Lin's Martial Arts Academy is a prime source for martial arts supplies, equipment and weapons. We carry a good selection of books relating to martial arts, Eastern philosopy, and Chinese culture. Our store has uniforms, shoes, protective gear, and one of the largest variety of traditional martial weaponry: swords, spears, knives, stars and much more.

Martial Arts Supplies (click for more).

         Please stop by and visit us. We are open every day, except Sunday.

      Monday-Thursday 11:30 AM   to 7:30 PM
      Friday-Saturday 12:00 Noon   to 5:30 PM

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